‘Toucan Dubh’ (pronounced ‘two-can-dew’) are a musical group performing Irish / Celtic and modern music, based in the Atlanta, Georgia area. ‘Dubh’ is a Gaelic word meaning ‘black’. Birds of black hue are prominent in myth and legend, bringing portents, wisdom, advice & the like, and are highly regarded in many cultures. The toucan is a bird representing the fun, whimsical side of Irish and Celtic music that this group brings to their performances. The ‘Toucan Dubh’, this imaginary black toucan, blends the traditional, the mystical, and the delightful together into one. The perfect symbol for this group!

Toucan Dubh is Ian O’Donnell, Linda Hoopes, & Erika Nagel & Chris Quarles. Each talented
musicians in their own right, they team up to bring a zeal and flavor to their performances that will leave you wanting more!

Toucan Dubh is known for fun, high-energy shows with audience involvement! Performing at Pubs, Renaissance faires, Music festivals & Concerts, they entertain with Irish and Scottish music, Americana, and original comedy songs, with plenty of jokes and banter to keep everyone smiling!

ToucanDubh.com | Facebook.com/ToucanDubh