What Does Filk Mean to You?

One of the most common questions that we get really comes down to what we are and what we do. What is Filk? can garner so many answers, we start off every Dragon Con with our first panel to try and answer it as we see it. Instead of just listening to us, though, we thought that we’d love to hear from you, the folks that love filk music and the track. Instead of wandering around Con, asking what is filk to the random passerby, we’ve found a way that you can answer this question from the comfort of your computer or mobile device screen. Tell us what you think filk music is and what it means to you via the button below. You have up to three (3) minutes to record and the ability to playback before submitting the video to us, so don’t worry if you don’t like the first take. We’ll share these on our YouTube channel and here on the site, and we’ll also be showing these over Con weekend as time allows, so please, folks, keep it at least PG-13.

Look, we even have a BIG FRIENDLY BUTTON to get you recording now!
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