What happens when three rocket engineers get together and decide to make music?  It might be kind of weird, and Foot Pound Force would heartily agree with that assessment.  In a place known as the Rocket City, it is not unusual to find that out your bar band has advanced degrees in engineering, physics and mathematics.  Huntsville, Alabama has it in droves but Foot Pound Force is the only one that brings the geek culture into their songs and performance.  Sit back and enjoy love songs about physics, breakup songs about rocket fuel, or dance to the beat of a retro arcade game and get your groove on as the music blasts off in many stylistic ways.
At their heart they are a rock and roll band, but deep inside they also have a bit of country and bluegrass mixed in.  Whether acoustic or electric, there will be an interesting show to behold.  Ken Barnes brings most of the singing as well as the guitar playing, and David Hewitt plays the bass bringing his voice as well.  Brandon Whitworth rocks out on the drums but also rounds out the acoustic sound when needed with the plucky sweet mandolin.  All three members contribute to the songwriting, arranging and composing.  2018 is year eleven of the Foot Pound Force adventure, and it is also the year that the band has finally produced its definitive studio album.  Titled “Stuck in the Gravity Well”, the album blasts off and soars into the nerd rock cosmos with its cross section of the true Foot Pound Force sound.

FPF with Apollo 16