What is Filk?

From its humble beginnings as a misprint of “Folk”, the controversy continues into the present as to the exact definition of filk music.

Filk is the music of science fiction, fantasy, and horror fandom. That being said, the only thing that is certain about Filk is its inherent uncertainty. There are original filks, parodies, and “found filks” from both independent and mainstream music. There are acapella filkers, acoustic instruments, electronic instruments, gear and gadgets. Filk’s musical styles cross all ages and cultural boundaries. Egalitarian by nature, Filk also includes all musical abilities. Some of us prefer to sit and listen. Some of us are seasoned musicians. Some of us are divas. Some of us are divos (not kidding). Some of us are just learning.

Dragoncon Filk

Like any loosely knit community, we have our squabbles, our disagreements, and our moments of pain. Yet, our love for the music brings us back together. We of the Dragoncon Filk Team are fans and filkers, working to make our track a strong member of both the Dragoncon community and the filk community at large. We really want to hear from you!. We’ll make our best effort to ensure that Dragoncon’s filkers have the best environment we can provide. What does that mean? We want to have fun, filk, and cookies, of course, in a space we can all enjoy together.

That’s our segway into talking about some of the programming we’ve put together for this year.

  • Filk and Cookies — A Dragon*Con Filk Track Favorite
  • Two InstaFilks!
  • More Workshops!
  • More Live Performances!
  • More than 5 hours of Open Filking every night!

Each year, we collect your feedback on our filk programming.   We are always interested in knowing what our community wants to see and hear.  For 2014 we’re very fortunate to have returning fan favorites as well as new musical personalities spanning the breadth of filkish fandom.    Don’t miss them!

We also have some team bios, so that you can get to know us and love us…or at least so that we aren’t anonymous to our fellow fen!  The only thing that’s left is for you to show up, listen, or sing along.  Join us!